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Is Organic SEO Better For Lawyers Than Paid Leads?

As a personal injury attorney, you need solid leads in order to grow your practice. Even if your goal is to just maintain your practice at its current level, you still need fresh leads that convert into clients.

The truth is, without a sustainable flow of fresh leads coming through the door, it’s nearly impossible to grow or even sustain a personal injury law firm.

But as any lawyer who has dealt with lead generation or buying leads already knows, this is often far easier said than done.

The first step most law firms take when seeking new leads is to use a paid lead service. There are many large and small players in this field. Likely, you’re either familiar with these or have even paid them money in the past for leads.

The problem with these services is that the leads are of low quality. A majority of the leads are captured via web pages that get potential clients to enter their personal contact information while surfing for a legal-related question.

These pages are often filled with text suggesting the lead will receive free legal consultation or services in exchange for their information. 

This may increase the “conversions” of people filling out the contact form. But it creates a low-quality lead since the lead believes they are getting one thing but instead is being offered something totally different.

There is no trust being built or pre-selling with these types of leads and they are not much better than cold calling.

What’s worse is that paid leads are impossible to scale. Even if you happen to land a good lead out of the dozens of bad leads, you can’t efficiently scale that process without being overwhelmed with costs and overhead sifting through all the leads. 

What this means is that using paid leads will quickly land you in a rut of zero growth since the whole process can’t be scaled without the ROI declining substantially.

Creating Your Own Flow Of Leads

The answer to paid leads is to create your own lead generation pipeline. By doing this, you control the quality of the leads. But best of all, you can scale your own lead generation much more efficiently than with paid leads. As you scale your own leads, you don’t increase the number of bad leads and overhead like with paid leads.

So how do you go about creating your own lead generation pipeline? It’s actually far easier than you may think.

You Need More Content, Not More SEO

You’ve likely already tried using SEO to generate more leads, or at least you’re familiar with this technique. This is mostly done through a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO.

These marketing agencies do have success and they can improve your SEO so that your existing pages rank better over time.

But the problem is, to generate more leads, you need to cast a wider net, not just have a better net.

To cast a wider net, you need more content that is indexed by the various search engines. The more content you have, the more potential leads that can find your pages and ultimately contact your office.

Let me explain why you need more content to capture more leads, not necessarily more SEO.

If you’ve ever performed a Google search, you’ve likely noticed that various news sites are almost always in the top 10 results. This can be for virtually any topic, but news sites have a huge advantage when it comes to ranking on search engines for various terms.

But why is this?

News sites don’t spend a penny on SEO services. I can promise you that no news website uses any SEO services. Yet, they rank above everyone else on countless search terms they don’t even try to rank for.

The reason is because of the amount of content they produce. Since a news site publishes so much content, they in essence cast a wider net. Every article they publish contains search terms and each page acts like a net to capture web searches, visitors, and organic backlinks.

What this example proves is that content is what helps you cast a wider net and capture more web searches, not necessarily more SEO services.

Yes, other factors can play a part in ranking, and SEO agencies can help with those factors. But a steady supply of content is king when it comes to dominating the search results consistently. 

The more content you can put out there, the more visits, leads, and backlinks you can generate.

But that’s often the problem with SEO agencies, they want to spend more effort on SEO services instead of producing high-quality legal content that casts a wider net to capture more leads.

Many SEO agencies may be good at understanding search engine algorithms, but they often aren’t experienced in what makes a good lead for a law firm and how to scale those leads in a cost-effective way.

Bypass The Agency Fees And Get The Content You Need To Generate Leads

Instead of traditional SEO services, we offer hyper-focused content based on exactly what potential clients are searching for. The content then answers their questions and this builds a type of trust to help warm the lead before they make contact with you.

This is not general legal content that is outsourced to low-cost suppliers. The difference is that we painstakingly research each keyword phrase that potential leads use when searching for your services. This is critical because potential clients often search for answers in a way that’s much different than how lawyers would phrase the same question.

By understanding the way potential clients search for legal answers and representation, we can target them efficiently. We then create high-quality content that answers their question in a way that builds trust and backlinks.

Our Content is built on three core strategies:

  1. Extensive targeted keyword phrase research based on your area of practice and locality
  2. High-quality legal content that answers the client’s question in a way they understand and trust.
  3. A call-to-action to have them contact your firm now that they feel more well-informed and trust has been built.

What’s best about using a content-focused strategy like this for leads is that it’s naturally built for scaling. As you add more content each month, you organically increase your leads. What this means is that your content budget stays fixed every month, but the leads created by that content are always increasing.

Paid leads and standard SEO services don’t scale that efficiently. Only high-quality content and organic in-house lead generation can do that. Think of our SEO strategy as similar to compound interest or a 401(k). Your contributions can remain constant, but the returns increase over time.

Start Building Quality Content That Attracts Leads (All With No Monthly Or Annual Contracts)

If you’ve worked with an SEO agency before to help with leads, you already know there are commitments and contracts. These contracts lock you in so you keep paying after the initial increase in leads wears off and the benefits start to stall out.

Our content-focused strategy actually grows leads over time, so we don’t need contracts to keep clients. You can purchase the amount of content you need to reach your desired level of leads. You can stop anytime and there is never an obligation to buy more content.

However, when firms see the results from adding new content on a regular basis, the ROI is so strong that there is no reason to stop publishing new content.

If you’re ready to apply this tested and proven method to your lead generation strategy and ditch the high fees from lead sellers and SEO agencies, give us a call today to get started. 

Wondering where to get started? Get your free, personalized 6-month content marketing strategy today!

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