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These charts break down some of the main services we offer and their prices. You can select specific tasks for us to conduct within your 6-month plan, or trust our SEO experts to determine what would best for your business. We usually start with shoring up the strategy and optimizations before moving on to ongoing content creation. Have a question? Reach out to Conceptual Creations SEO today to find answers!


Strategy & Optimizations

6-Month Strategy Fill out the questionnaire and get a free marketing strategy! Free
Keyword Research 20+ carefully selected keywords to start targeting, based on search volume. $75
Market Research Strategy Detailed sheet describing conceptual project ideas for next 6 months in detail. $200
Existing Content Optimization Editing content, adding keywords, internal linking, creating title tags and meta descriptions, etc. $10 per 100 words
Title Tags & Meta Descriptions Helping search engines understand the content of a page; keyword-rich HTML elements that improve page ranking and conversion-rates. $10 per page
Blog Category Creation Improve blog SEO and organization with blog category descriptions. $25 per 100 words

Content Creation

New Page Content 300-500 words of original keyword-rich content (can be stacked). Includes SEO optimizations such as title tags, meta descriptions, internal linking, and proper H1s, H2s, etc. $300
Existing Page Content Same as New Page Content except written on an already existing page, adding more detail and value. $300
Blog Post Get regular blogs for increased visibility, keyword ranking, and improved user experience. +$25 for featured images. $25 per 100 words
Email 3-5 paragraph email (newsletter, thank you, etc.). $300
Press Release Get immediate exposure to an established audience. Client distributes themselves; 400-600 words. $450
Content Report Monthly reports on how organic marketing is impacting your business. For Aggressive and Market Leader plans only. Free

Custom Projects

Long-Form Content 1000+ word landing page/guide. Request a Quote
E-Book E-Book writing and formatting. Request a Quote
Whitepaper Advanced B2B technical writing. Request a Quote
Other Have a project in mind? We can help. Connect Now

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