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Getting Started with SEO for Physical Therapy Practices in Colorado

Finding the right physical therapist takes research, intuition, and patience, yet many people don’t know where to begin with their search. There are many different options out there for physical therapists to leverage for their marketing to increase their visibility and attract new clients. One of the most valuable and affordable things you can do to help potential clients find you is by setting up a solid online presence. Conceptual Creations SEO helps Northern Colorado physical therapy clinics stand apart from the rest, boosting your search engine ranking with organic content marketing based on a custom content marketing strategy and developing out of your core brand strategy and value. We specialize in marketing for physical therapists and look forward to sharing our advertising ideas with you. Learn more about our content plans or fill out the questionnaire today to get your free 6-month plan!

We’ll Help You Invest in Effective SEO

Did you know that when people search on Google, more than 90% of the time they never make it to the second page of results? The value of getting your website to show up on the front page of search engines when people search for something like “back pain solutions in Colorado” or “best physical therapist near Wellington” is a proven way to increase your number of patients. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of utilizing a number of strategies, such as keyword targeting with routine, on-brand blogging, to get your site ranking higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs) over time. The more you invest in a strong SEO content marketing strategy, the more visible your website will become for potential patients.

Get Specialized Pages for Each Service You Offer

Content marketing (i.e., e-marketing) can play a very big role in attracting more business to your physical therapy clinic in a cost-effective way. An effective content marketing strategy, at it’s core, involves the creation of content that is:

  1. SEO-optimized
  2. Engaging and shareable
  3. Consistent with your brand
  4. Action-inspiring

Sounds simple enough; however, a lot actually goes into making a successful content marketing strategy. One thing we will most likely work with your business to develop is to build out service pages for each of your specialized service areas, as more specific pages allow for both more specific keywords, and more concrete value for the person reading it. Not only will building out these pages help improve your site’s retention rate and get you more leads, it also creates room for optimizing more keywords for each of your various practice areas.

One of our key goals is to inspire trust and loyalty for potential new clients. To do so, not only do you have to exceed your customers’ expectations with physical therapy services, but also with your online messaging. Too much sales-driven content can cause people to lose, and make people feel less of a personal connection with you. Conceptual Creations helps your marketing stay personal and effective. We are a full-scope content marketing organization that specializes in marketing for physical therapists, content marketing strategies, email newsletter copywriting, and much more. Contact us today to start planning your practice’s growth online and speak with a content marketer!


Want to Grow Your Physical Therapy Clinic?

A carefully crafted content marketing strategy can provide support and direction for your business for the long-term. A high-quality content marketing strategy from Conceptual Creations is a great way to start growing your business and attracting more leads through your online presence in a cost-effective, organic way. As a local SEO independent contractor, you can rely on Conceptual Creations to help you start ranking on the first page of Google, increase online impressions, generate more leads, and strengthen your brand image.

If you run a physical therapy practice in Fort Collins, Loveland, or anywhere else in Northern Colorado and are looking for a way to enhance your brand identity and the impact of your website marketing, give us a call today at (970) 673-0057 or message us online to book a FREE 45 minute consultation.


Wondering where to get started? Get your free, personalized 6-month content marketing strategy today!

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