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Grow Your Etsy Website

If you run a successful Etsy shop, you likely also have a dedicated website for your brand.


But if you’re like many other Etsy artists, your website’s traffic may have plateaued. Worse yet, your website traffic may have never taken off in the first place.


When it comes to the overall growth of your Etsy business, this can be a real challenge. Without strong traffic on your dedicated website, your sales will struggle to grow the way you need them to. It also means you’re mostly at the mercy of the Etsy platform to send you customers.


Thankfully, there’s a cost-effective and easy solution when it comes to building traffic to your dedicated website.

Using Content To Boost Your Etsy Website

Google recently changed its search algorithm and the way it ranks e-commerce sites. Google now favors e-commerce sites that also contain high-quality informational content.

E-commerce sites that regularly add this type of informational content see their ranking improve in the Google search results. As rankings improve, so do traffic and sales.

But producing this content takes time, and that’s why most small e-commerce websites ignore this critical step. When you run a busy Etsy business, extra time is not something you have in abundance.

Between fulfilling customer orders, creating products, and handling inventory, your site’s marketing often has to take a back seat.

But There’s A Cost-Effective Solution To Help Your Site Grow

At Conceptual Creations, we created the Blog Boost Program specifically to address this problem and allow entrepreneurs to grow their Etsy website traffic without breaking the bank or spending countless hours working on SEO.

We focus on creating the content you need so you can focus on creating the unique products that your customers love.

How We Create The Perfect Content For Your Website

We start by carefully researching your website and its traffic. We also compare your site’s traffic to several competitors to learn what search terms you need to start ranking for to attract more customers. 

After that, we develop the needed keyword-rich blog topics and create hand-crafted articles that perfectly match your products and brand voice. 

The best part is that this content does more than just grow your traffic and sales by ranking in Google Search results. It also bolsters your brand by making your site a source of informational authority within your niche.

A Real Return On Your Etsy Marketing Investment

Investing in quality content for your website is one of the best ways to build sustainable and predictable growth. Other marketing options like paid ads can quickly eat up your budget. If your paid advertising campaign has any flaws, that money is simply wasted.

By investing in high-quality blog content for your Etsy site, you build real traffic over time. That traffic keeps coming long after you’ve paid for the content. With paid ads, once you stop paying, so does the traffic.

This is why investing in the Blog Boost program helps you get the most out of your marketing budget. The traffic and brand-building last long after you’ve paid for your content.

Start Growing Your Etsy Brand Today

Etsy is a great platform for making sales. But smart Etsy entrepreneurs know they need to diversify their traffic sources to grow their sales. This means developing traffic to your dedicated website in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

Let our Blog Boost program do the heavy lifting and provide your website with the high-quality content that Google favors. 

We also offer no-obligation more robust content marketing plans to fit your budget and your goals. This means you can focus on your products and customers while we help drive new traffic to your website.

Contact Conceptual Creations today or take our  questionnaire to learn more about our Blog Boost program and how we can help take your Etsy business to the next level.

Wondering where to get started? Get your free, personalized 6-month content marketing strategy today!

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