The Trick To Selling Higher-Priced Etsy Products

Weaving Trust, One Customer at a Time

Selling a product on Etsy that costs over $100 requires a different kind of marketing than less expensive items.

Items well under $100 are generally considered impulse purchases, even in an e-commerce setting. For these types of lower-cost items, things like attractive photos, easy checkout, and fair shipping are often enough to convert shoppers into paying customers.

But products over $100 require a different approach. These shoppers universally do more research before making their final decision. This means that trust factors into their overall decision far more than the other factors used in less-expensive purchases.

But how does an e-commerce business build that sort of trust?

The key is having a well-rounded website content strategy that helps guide the customer on their journey.

The best way to create this journey is through high-quality informational posts on your website designed to attract customers and build a relationship.

Not only does this build trust, but it also diversifies your traffic sources. Some high-priced items on Etsy are not promoted as heavily by the platform’s algorithm simply due to the overall sales volumes. This means you may struggle to get your product in front of shoppers if you depend on the Etsy platform alone.

Having a well-maintained website helps you diversify your traffic and maximize the potential of converting customers.

Using Your Website To Build Trust

In an e-commerce setting, trust comes when customers see your site as an authority within a niche or product category.

As an Etsy seller, you have to communicate with your potential customers that you’re an authority on the product you’re selling.

But you can’t just tell your customers to trust you, you have to show them.

The best way to do this is through a comprehensive content strategy that makes your website a resource for the products you sell, not just a platform to host and sell your products.

A key component of a successful trust-building content strategy is short-form blog posts offering information and guidance about your niche and your product category.

The problem is, most Etsy sellers are too busy to create the type of written content necessary to turn their website into an authority site.

In many cases, this missing content is what keeps smaller Etsy shops from breaking through to the next level. Without the proper content to build trust and create a positive customer journey, their conversions and sales will never be optimized.

An Easy Way To Get the Content Your Site Needs

At Conceptual Creations, we created our Blog Boost program for Etsy website owners just like you.

Our team of professional writers analyze your website and products and then create hand-crafted blog content designed to attract customers and build trust.

This type of content is critical when selling high-ticket price items via your website or Etsy. 

The more informational content you produce, the more trust you build with customers. This trust leads to higher conversions, more traffic, and higher sales.

But more importantly, your brand and website begin to become an authority in your chosen niche.

Your informational articles can be linked by potential customers on social media or discussion forums. Your articles can also be used as sources when others are discussing your niche.

This type of authority building is the goal of an effective content marketing strategy and our Blog Boost program makes it easy.

How Our Blog Boost Program Works For Etsy Sellers

Our Blog Boos program really couldn’t be easier for busy Etsy sellers. We do all of the work to enhance your website so you can focus on your products and customers.

When you first contact Conceptual Creations, you’ll receive a free, no-obligation site audit. This audit will determine your current traffic and keyword performance.

We then offer a plan to start creating the hand-crafted content your website needs to start growing and building trust within your niche. All of this content is 100% original and matched to your brand voice and products. We also offer other more robust packages, which are suitable for businesses of different sizes and goals.

You only pay for the content you need and there are no monthly contracts or obligations. Once you see the results, you’ll immediately understand the value of our Blog Boost program.

A Strong Content Strategy Outperforms Paid Advertising

You may have considered trying paid advertising such as Google Adwords. These methods can work well for brand awareness. But they only bring visitors to your site, they don’t help to build trust or help with the customer journey.

This trust is the key to selling higher-value items and it only comes with the right written content strategy. Your paid advertising will likely underperform if there is no content on your landing pages to foster a relationship with that customer.

This is why many Etsy sellers who try paid advertising end up experiencing a negative ROI and then giving up. 

Our Blog Boost program solves this problem by working in two ways. It builds traffic through SEO and also builds brand awareness and trust. The best part is, it’s far less expensive than paid advertising and you’re always in full control over how much money you spend.

Forge community; fuel your business.

Unlock The Secret to Selling High-Value Items On Etsy

When you sell items on Etsy in the higher price ranges, it can make for a great opportunity to enjoy higher profit margins. However, you need the right content strategy to convert customers when offering these more expensive items.

Conceptual Creations understands the Etsy marketplace and we’ve helped store owners just like you increase their conversions and sales with our cost-effective Blog Boost program.

If you’re ready to take your Etsy sales to the next level, Contact Conceptual Creations today and get started with our free site audit and content strategy consultation.


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