Double Your Law Firm’s SEO Lead Generation Without Doubling Your Budget

If you run a personal injury law firm, you’re likely already using SEO to build traffic and lead generation through your website.

Many firms will contract this out to an SEO agency, usually with a monthly fee that provides the written content and management for the firm’s SEO effort.

If this sounds like your firm, there’s nothing wrong with this strategy. However, it’s also what every other law firm is doing. Not only that, did you know there’s more you can easily do to boost your SEO efforts in addition to what your agency is doing?

Below, I’ll explain how to easily supplement your SEO efforts to set yourself apart from other firms and blow past them in the search rankings.

Working With SEO Agencies

SEO agencies can do great work, and many of them do great work for their clients. There’s nothing wrong if your firm is currently using an agency to manage its SEO lead generation.

There’s one major problem with SEO agencies though – they drip-feed their SEO efforts for your firm over months and months. This is great for extending the billing period and building their roster of clients. But it’s not necessarily the best for SEO purposes.

This is especially harmful to personal injury firms who want to grow right now, not in months or years. Drip-feeding content is not the best for those who want fast growth.

Why Do Agencies Drip Feed Their Content For Law Firms?

The main reason agencies do this is that it’s easier to manage and budget. This keeps the costs within a monthly range their clients are usually comfortable with.

But notice how I never mentioned any SEO benefit as one of the reasons? In fact, there’s no reason to roll out SEO efforts slowly. In fact, the more quality content you post the faster your efforts start attracting leads.

Search engines love content. The more you give them, the higher you start to rank for key search terms that generate leads.

So drip-feeding is not really serving your law firm if you want fast growth and maximum lead generation via search engines.

Supplementing Your Current SEO Efforts

The main cause of the bottleneck from agency drip-feeding is their content schedule. There is usually an agreed upon number of pieces that are written and published for their clients per month or quarter.

The problem is, that amount of content is too low and this is mostly because the content is priced rather high to subsidize the agency’s other SEO efforts.

For example, in television advertising, when companies buy ad spots on TV, they do so through their ad agency. The ad agency puts a premium on those ad spots above what the TV networks charge. It’s this premium that helps pay for the ad creation and other aspects of the campaign.

SEO agencies work in a similar way, the content is overpriced to cover other SEO efforts, so they can’t create as much as you need without blowing up your monthly bill.

The Solution

This part should seem simple by now, but all you really need is content to be produced at a faster rate without doubling your bill. Content is king in SEO, but drip-feeding content hobbles your growth.

Conceptual Creations fills this gap perfectly by offering high-quality written legal content for firms that already have an SEO strategy in place but want the fastest possible growth possible.

We provide the extra content you need to dominate the search engines, but without the extra fees that go along with agency contracts as described earlier. This means you get high-quality, carefully researched legal content customized for your target audience at a very affordable price.

This new content essentially doubles the rate of your SEO efforts and lead generation without doubling your monthly SEO bill or adding additional monthly contracts. The best part is, this all works in addition to your current SEO efforts, there’s no need to change course or disrupt what you’re already doing.

If you’re ready to supercharge your SEO efforts without breaking the budget, Contact Conceptual Creations to learn more about our legal content packages for maximum lead generation. 

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