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Fort Collins SEO Expert Guide to Brand Strategy

Wondering how to create an effective branding strategy? This guide from Conceptual Creations SEO shows you how! For a fast, free brand strategy guide from a local SEO expert, fill out our questionnaire today!

What is a Brand Strategy?

Brand strategy is an organization’s long-term plan for meeting their long-term goals through consistent messaging that supports the impression you want your business to have on anyone who encounters it. It’s all about making intentional, smart choices about one’s visual identity, brand story, and associations. Effective brand strategy doesn’t need to be expensive, and, in fact, when you follow an advanced, concrete marketing strategy, it can give you a massive advantage over your competition, often paying for itself many times over.

The 3 Phases of Brand Strategy

#1: Discovery

The discovery stage of a brand strategy entails market research and reflection on how you want to identify your brand identity; taking into account all the key factors that influence how your business presents itself publicly. This includes evaluating your base of customers, the industry, your vision, your values, and so on. This phase is typically developed when a business is just getting started. However, reviewing these core elements periodically and adjusting for what is working and what is not (based on analytic data about how people are utilizing your company as well as up-to-date market research) is extremely valuable.

#2: Establish Your Brand Identity

Once you have a good idea about how your brand is currently perceived and how you want it to perceive, it’s time to start doing things to adapt that new brand identity. Essential to this stage is articulating your brand position; setting out clearly what differentiates your organization from the competition. Aim to be able to summarize this in one to two sentences, maximum. What are your unique selling propositions? What does your brand look like, in terms of shapes, colors, typography, style, packaging, logo, etc. These are all key elements in setting up an effective brand identity.

Another area of your brand identity, and one area that Conceptual Creations can help you enormously with, is developing your brand voice and communications. Ensuring communication is clear, focused, and support your brand is an essential part of content marketing. When you work with Conceptual Creations SEO of Fort Collins, we focus on optimizing your site so it ranks higher on search engines of course, but we also write content that is well-aligned with your brand, boosts your companies image and reputation, and ultimately is geared towards strengthening your branding and increasing conversions (i.e., revenue).

#3: Execution

After going through the discovery stage and then establishing your baseline strategy, the next thing to do is to actualize that vision for the long-term. Brand strategy is all about defining your business in the minds of consumers. Marketing strategy, on the other hand, is all about how you use your limited resources to increase your sales and develop a competitive advantage in line with  your brand strategy. Your marketing strategy should be consistent with your brand strategy and should resonate with your target audience.

Tracking user engagement is something we do for you for free when you sign up for our Aggressive or Market Leader 6-month content marketing plans, here at Conceptual Creations. We guarantee that when you choose to work with us, your marketing campaigns will all:

  1. Will lead with your brand story, not just with the product. While your product may be amazing, the best companies lead out with a more compelling story to have that emotional narrative, which is so important for effective branding.
  2. Tell a consistent story. Consumers are bombarded with brands all the time, and you are unlikely to have a budget to be the loudest voice out there. Being different and having SEO-optimized content that resonates with your target audience is key. Being better than your competition is always important, but it often isn’t enough. You also need to make it very clear how you are different, as well.
  3. Focus on the customer, no your company. Any effective brands strategy focuses on how you can help your customer achieve their goals, not why your company is so amazing. The element of empathy is crucial here.

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A properly crafted brand strategy can provide support and direction for your business for the long-term. Through one, you are telling your customers what makes your business different and valuable. An essential part to the execution of any brand strategy is to utilize content marketing that appeals to your target audience effectively, that leverages the power of SEO, and stays true to your business’s core values and mission.

A high-quality content marketing and brand strategy from Conceptual Creations is a great way to start growing your business and attracting more leads through your online presence in a cost-effective, organic way. As a local SEO independent contractor, you can rely on Conceptual Creations to help you start ranking on the first page of Google, increase online impressions, generate more leads, and strengthen your brand image.

If you run a small business in Northern Colorado and are looking for a way to enhance your brand identity and SEO, give us a call today at (970) 673-0057 or message us online to get started with the most effective, affordable content marketing company in Northern Colorado!

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