A Guide to Book & Bookstore Marketing

Content Marketing & SEO Tips for Colorado Booksellers

Independent Authors & Bookstore Marketing Overlap in One Key Way

If you are trying to sell your book independently or if you are selling many books in your bookstore, the approach to marketing in both cases overlap, due to the nature of the products you have for sale. Especially now that online shopping for books is so dominant and popular, if you are wanting to reach a wider audience and attract more sales, you absolutely need to have a strong web presence. 

To  be successful in the world of online book marketing, you need to have a consistent, effective, creative strategy that gives you the opportunity to rank high in search engines and drive more traffic to your site, at least to begin with. Read on to learn some effective book marketing strategies for consistent sales for independent authors and bookstores alike! Want professional help? Get started with Conceptual Creations SEO by filling out the questionnaire to receive a free content marketing strategy! 

Effective Book Marketing Strategies for Consistent Sales

How do you market your bookstore or book for more consistent sales through digital marketing? Here are the bare bones you need:

  1. Build and utilize an email list
  2. Strengthen your website’s appearance
  3. Be active on social media
  4. Utilize online ads
  5. Utilize organic content marketing to drive more traffic to your site

Conceptual Creations, based in Fort Collins, CO, can help you with practically all of these. In particular, we provide custom, well-researched search engine optimized content to help improve visits and conversions on your site. Turn a click into a purchase or a visit; get started by speaking with a member of our team today by calling (970) 673-0057! 

Our Experience

It’s all about producing content that really resonates with your audience and speaks of the real value of what you have to offer. Conceptual Creations SEO helps bookstores on the Front Range and around the country develop on-brand, effective content marketing strategies and then executes on those strategies for you. With more than 7 years experience personally working in bookstores around the region, as well as a great deal of publishing experience, our founder and team can provide you with content marketing head and shoulders above what you can find anywhere else — and all for a very reasonable price. Even more, we offer a no-commitment, 6-month content marketing strategy for FREE. Why do we do this? We are confident that once you see the plan, you will be so excited to see it in action that you’ll decide to work with us for the long-term. Ready to get started?

How to Market Your Independent Bookstore

There are a lot of challenges to running an independent bookstore these days. It can feel like a ridiculous uphill battle. It’s crucial to offer something different from what Amazon and Barnes and Nobles are doing, otherwise you will be sorely and inevitably out-competed. You have to offer something they can’t provide. 

If you are in the situation where your bookstore is currently doing quite well, it may be tempting to forgo an advertising or marketing plan altogether. However, a small business marketing plan can actually help make your business thrive even more. 

Most bookstores aren’t in this situation though. Just “being there” really isn’t enough in most cases anymore. You can’t take on Amazon directly, but, with a small investment in marketing, you can get professional help differentiating your business through a snazzy online presence that attracts more visits to your store and ultimately improves sales. 

So, number one on our list of recommendations for marketing your independent bookstore is to optimize your online presence. The vast majority of people today use the internet to find local businesses, read reviews, and get an idea where they will go. You absolutely need to claim, monitor, and be active online to drive more business. Conceptual Creations can help in this regard. 

More Tips for Marketing Your Northern Colorado Independent Bookstore

  • Engage your existing customers online — Email newsletters are one of many great ways to improve existing customer engagement and keep your store on the top of the mind, while also giving them information about current bookstore news or special offers. 
  • Understand your value — Your biggest advantage over companies like Amazon is your unique ambiance, the customer experience, the conversations that occur there, the personal attention, and the “diamond in the rough”, treasure-hunting fun that can be had there. 
  • Get involved in the “buy local” movement — Find groups online or in-person focused on supporting local businesses. Go to public events; farmer’s markets; etc. 
  • Invest wisely in marketing — Targeted ads can be good, but they also can be quite expensive and one-off. Instead, we recommend you consider organic content marketing, where the cost is much lower and the results, while they take a few months to really build-up usually, last for the long-term. Learn more about Conceptual Creation SEO’s digital marketing solutions for bookstores.

Online Bookstore Marketing — Get Your Free 6-Month Marketing Strategy Today!

Driving traffic to your bookstore or author website through organic marketing allows you to be discoverable by your audience much more effectively and consistently. With a custom, pick-and-choose content marketing package from Conceptual Creations SEO, you get affordable, reliable marketing solutions for your bookstore or personal writer’s website. No matter how big or small your business is, we can help. All you have to do to get started is fill out our questionnaire and a member of our team will reach out for more information and to give you your FREE 6-month marketing strategy for your business or project!

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