4 Effective Ways to Boost Your Craft Brewery’s Marketing

Content Marketing & SEO Tips for Northern Colorado Craft Breweries 

Keys to Brewery SEO — Get More People to Try Your Beer!

The quality of your beer speaks for itself, but how do you attract more people to try it in the first place, so the flavor and aroma can do the rest in getting them to fall in love? Online marketing is one great way to do so. However, to be successful in the world of online craft brewery marketing, you need to have a consistent, effective, creative strategy that gives you the opportunity to rank high in search engines and drive more traffic to your site, and ultimately to your brewery.

Read this blog for some relevant marketing tips for your brewery, then get a free content marketing strategy from Conceptual Creations! 

#1: SEO 101 — Using Keywords Correctly 

Fundamental to how search engines such as Google determine the relevance of your page to peoples’ searches is through keywords. So, when you want people to find your Northern Colorado craft brewery, it’s important to integrate targeted keywords that get the right amount of traffic to not be too minimal nor too competitive to start seeing results. In particular, long-tail keywords, such as “craft breweries in Fort Collins” or “best sour beer in Boulder” help pinpoint your key values and connect with your audience. 

CAUTION: Avoid “keyword stuffing,” as it’s both annoying and can negatively impact your site’s online ranking. The key is to write naturally around the subject so such keywords logically and appropriately fit in with the broader context of your site’s blogs, landing pages, etc. 

Create Your Highest Converting Page with Conceptual Creation

#2: Create More Impactful Content for Your Audience

It’s all about producing content that really resonates with your audience. Too many marketing companies and even businesses themselves lose focus of what their audience is really interested in, and produce bland, banal write-ups that leave the audience thirsty… but not coming to your brewery. Excellent content should always:

  • Be on-brand
  • Deal with real questions people are asking about our business
  • Establish yourself as an authority in the field
  • Have the right tone — e.g. for craft breweries, the tone is typically fun, relaxed, hopeful, playful, etc. 
  • Written carefully and on subjects that lend themselves to the format being used

Conceptual Creations SEO helps Northern Colorado craft breweries develop on-brand, effective content marketing strategies and then executes on those strategies for you. What’s even more, we offer your first 6-month strategy 100% free. Why do we do this? We are confident once you see the plan, you will be excited to see it come to fruition and start reaping the benefits. 

#3: Create an Email Newsletter List

Email marketing is both extremely affordable and effective. But first, you have to build an email list. The easiest place to start is to compile a list of emails of customers who have already provided theirs to you. To get more, a good idea is to offer an incentive, such as a 10% off coupon for signing up. Once you have enough emails, Conceptual Creations can get to work creating effective newsletters shared with your subscribers at regular intervals. 

#4: Partner with Your Local Northern Colorado SEO Specialists

Driving traffic to your website through organic marketing allows you to be discoverable by local Colorado customers more effectively. With a custom, pick-and-choose content marketing package from Conceptual Creations SEO, you get affordable, reliable marketing solutions, no matter how big or small your business is. All you have to do to get started is fill out our questionnaire and a member of our team will reach out for more information and to give you your FREE 6-month marketing strategy for your craft brewery!

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