3 Marketing Ideas for Flower Shops in 2022

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Digital Marketing is Essential for the Survival of Your Floral Business

According to bplans.com, 27% of US households purchase fresh flowers at least once a year, making an average purchase of $62.63. Most buyers are women over the age of 35 and living in metropolitan areas. This information is essential for building a properly honed and effective digital content marketing strategy. Knowing your audience and appealing to them with promotions and other ways to garner their attention is one-half of the picture.

However, nowadays, an effective marketing strategy must consider the importance of search engine optimization. The reason for this is that, not only do a great many people do their shopping online now, but, no matter how effective your marketing is, if it does not get in front of potential customers, at the end of the day it is useless.

That’s where Conceptual Creations SEO can help. We offer local florists and other businesses advance content marketing support, designed to get your site ranking high in the search engines, improving conversions and engagements for the long-term.  

We leverage the power of the web to help drive traffic to both your website and your flower store. Get started with Conceptual Creations SEO by checking out our packages and then filling out our questionnaire to receive a free content marketing strategy!

3 Flower Shop SEO Tips

How do you market your flower shop and get more consistent sales through digital marketing?

#1: Leverage Google My Business (GMB)

If you have not yet optimized your Google My Business profile, or even signed up, doing so can make a big impact on how visible you are on Google. A GMB listing is free and puts your business information on the top right portion of a Google search engine result page. These are critical in particular for brick-and-mortar businesses like flower shops, increasing your chance of being found by potential customers online. A free GMB listing presents potential customers with easy access to your business name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, reviews, and more information.

#2: Ongoing Blog Writing for Flower Shops

Effective SEO-oriented blogging requires commitment and a clear strategy. If you write one or two blogs a year, you are not likely to see much impact. However, with consistency come results. The benefits of blogging is priceless, as they are a form of “evergreen” marketing, where once they are published they can continue providing marketing value for your flower shop indefinitely. Effective blogs utilize carefully selected keywords, strong call-to-actions, backlinks to other areas of your website, and encourage readers to get in touch with you for more information or place an order.

Most flower shop owners don’t have the time write multiple blogs every month, and may not be familiar with the best ways to develop that. That’s why Conceptual Creations of Fort Collins offers blog writing services for businesses in and around our local community.

Hiring us to write blogs month after month does not cost much in comparison to the impact it will have on your SEO. Our content marketing services for Colorado flower shops are designed to help your increase revenue in a holistic, long-term manner. We combine big picture considerations, in-depth, closely research industry knowledge, the right tone, and SEO marketing strategies to elevate your online marketing. Even more, we offer all of this alongside a no-commitment, totally custom, 6-month content marketing strategy that we provide you for FREE. Why do we do this? We are confident that once you see the plan, you will be so thrilled to see it in action that you’ll choose to partner with us for the long-term. Ready to get started?

Flower Shop Blog Topic Examples

  • Inspirational New Year’s Winter Floral Arrangements
  • Valentine’s Day Floral Arranging Pro Tips
  • Floral Tablescapes for All Occasions
  • In Defense of Carnations
  • The Fascinating History of Tulips
  • The Colorado Growing Season Explained
  • 4 Tips for Taking Care of Your New Flowers
  • The Best Flowers to Buy on May Day
  • How to Preserve Floral Arrangements for Maximum Enjoyment

#3: Grow Your Website, Grow Your Business

One of the most cost-effective ways to grow your floral business is by developing your website. You may have a “good-enough” site right now, but with ongoing content and the implementation of a big picture marketing strategy, it can be that much more effective at creating the right impression, empowering your brand, and increasing sales and customer engagement.

When you want a website that stands out from the competitors, design is crucial, but the content – what you say with words – is indispensable. There are a lot of factors that go into the creation of an effective long-term marketing strategy. Rely on the SEO experts at Conceptual Creations in Northern Colorado for all your florist content marketing needs. We do much more than just blog writing; we handle your whole digital content marketing strategy.

As opposed to most content marketing companies, instead of a scattershot approach to content, we provide conceptual content – the difference being that conceptual content is built around a central idea or theme, in other words, it is built on and further develops your brand and its most compelling messages. Don’t take our word for it though — learn how we do things by filling out the questionnaire and then, within three days, you will receive a free 6-month marketing strategy, designed to supercharge your mission and vision, whatever that may be.

About Us: Conceptual Creations, based in Fort Collins, CO, can help you with practically all of these. In particular, we provide custom, well-researched search engine optimized content to help improve visits and conversions on your site. We are a full-service content marketing team that can help you get traffic and convert that traffic into sales and conversions. We essentially help your website become more discoverable by your audience, help you with more consistent messaging, and work with you to build a consistent, conceptual marketing strategy designed to achieve all your goals with your online presence. With our custom, pick-and-choose content marketing packages, you can expect to get affordable, reliable SEO marketing solutions for your flower shop that will continue providing you value for the long-term.. All you have to do to get started is fill out our questionnaire or call us at (970) 673-0057 and a member of our team will reach out for more information and to give you your free 6-month marketing strategy for your business or project! We look forward to talking with you soon!

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